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We have the knowledge, experience, chemicals and equipment to professionally clean all type of carpets. Whether you have stains or just need general carpet cleaning we can take care of your needs.

Turman Carpet & Cleaning Service offers every carpet cleaning process available–truck mount steam extraction, dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, and a host of other cleaning processes recognized by all carpet manufacturers. Carpet cleaning increases the life of your carpets and also enhances the look and feel of the carpet. Do you have issues with dander, pollen, dust mites, or fleas? Our truck mount steam extraction process could help eliminate these areas of concern. All of our cleaning agents are baby safe, pet friendly, and non-toxic. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

We Offer

  • Hot Water Steam Extraction

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning / Encapsulation

  • Child & Pet Friendly Products

  • Carpet Protection

  • Stain & Spot Removal

  • Pet Odor & Stain Treatment

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