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Water damage is a standout among the most worst emergencies that can happen to your home. As a result, ignored water damage can cause you to lose even more money down the road as the damage spreads and exacerbates.

If you are experiencing water damage from a water pipe that has broken, leaky faucet, heavy rain or overflowing toilet please do not waste time. When emergency service is needed, call Turman Carpet & Cleaning Service to take care of your needs. Water leaks can cause mold, bacteria, fungus, and moisture on wood surfaces, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, paints, carpet, sheetrock, and insulation. Water damage is very serious not only can flood water cause damage to your home and business but it can also present a serious health risk. At Turman Carpet & Cleaning Service we are certified in water damage restoration and our number one job is to mitigate the loss and get your home or business back to pre-loss condition.

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Turman Carpet & Cleaning Service is fully insured, providing both general liability and worker’s compensation.


To assist you in the event of a water damage emergency, we can be reached via telephone 24 hours a day at (706) 498-4310.

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