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You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t   keep your furniture well-maintained. Clean   furniture promotes good living habits. Regularly   engaging the services of a professional cleaning   service will give your furniture and your home cleaner, fresher, smelling air. It is an investment worth utilizing.

Try unwinding on your sofa or in your recliner when it smells funny or it hasn’t been cleaned in years — not very relaxing. Dirty upholstery defeats the entire purpose of having a sofa in the first place! Cleaning your upholstery is a tough, time-consuming task. When you don’t have the time and want to give your furniture a much-needed makeover, Presto is here to serve you.

Just like we do with carpets and tile, we excel in restoring your furniture to a like-new condition. Is your couch full of pet hair? No problem, we’ll get rid of every hair. Is your favorite chair stained and marked? We’ll handle it with a deep clean. No matter how your upholstery is looking or the abuse it’s taken, we have the expertise to bring it back to life.



Relax on furniture with the peace of mind knowing that it’s free of bacteria


Breathe in less dust & allergens after our professional equipment sucks it right out


Feel the difference of having clean furniture every time you lay down or sit on it

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