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  • What type of equipment do you use?
    We have state of the art truck mounted equipment designed to clean at top efficiency. Only the cleaning wand and hoses come into your home. There is no messy mixing or dumping in your home. We do not use your hot water.
  • What is steam cleaning? Is it better?
    Yes. We combine steam (hot water), pressure and powerful cleaning agents to deep clean carpet all the way down to the backing. The solution and liquefied soil is removed immediately using strong suction.
  • What is Maxim Carpet Protector?
    Maxim carpet protector is designed to provide fibers with a protective barrier against soil and spills. With Maxim, the carpet and upholstery stay clean longer. Dry soil will not cling to the fiber well, making vacuuming more effective. Soil build up, which dulls the appearance of the carpet and increases the rate of war, is reduced. Maxim also offers protection from spills. The protective barrier helps keep liquids such as soda coffee, milk, cooking oil, and other water or oil based spills from penetrating the fiber; making cleaning up easier.
  • How long does it take to clean?
    The time necessary to clean your carpet depends on the size of the rooms to be cleaned, the amount of furniture to be moved, the number of stains and the amount of soiling. We spend as long as necessary to do the job properly. Under average conditions, you should allow 15 to 20 minutes per room.
  • How soon can we walk on the carpet? How long will it take to dry?
    We extract as much of the moisture as possible from the carpet. It will be damp to the touch when we finish but you can walk on it right away as long as you use clean slippers, or shoes. To prevent re-soiling, avoid street shoes until the carpet is completely dry. You should allow 6 to 12 hours for drying. The drying process can be expidited by use of your AC or heat along with celing fans.
  • Can upholstery be safely steam cleaned?
    The great majority of upholstered furniture can and should be steam cleaned.
  • Can I sit on the cleaned sofa or chair?
    Because less moisture is used to clean upholstery, the drying time should be short. However, the furniture should be allowed to dry completely before use.
  • What about spots and stains?
    Our cleaning process will remove most spots and stains. For the more stubborn ones, we carry an assortment of specialized spot removers designed to achieve great results. Some stains may be permanent and will only lighten up after cleaning.
  • Does the cleaning aid the killing of fleas and other insects?
    The cleaning process is not designed to exterminate insects.
  • What do I need to prepare?
    We ask customers to remove all breakables, valuables, decorative items, lamps and antiques from the areas to be cleaned.
  • Do you vacuum before cleaning?
    Yes, we will vacuum all areas that will be cleaned.
  • Is it guaranteed?
    All of our work is guaranteed! Turman Carpet & Cleaning Service is committed to providing you with the best cleaning experience possible. In the event you’re not completely satisfied with our work please let us know and if we can’t fix the area of concern, then we would proudly issue you a refund. It’s that simple!
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